Providing Secure and Safer environment for us all.

Wapco Security Guards at Kina Bank

Our service is your protection.

We are 100% nationally owned and managed Security Company with highly skilled guards who have been trained by the Security Operations and Training Manager. The Company has over 500 guards who provides general security and escort services across Papua New Guinea. The company policy requires every personnel to uphold and maintain the company’s reputation and integrity.

At Wapco Security, we strive to provide first class services to all clients. We also ensures that the employees have no prior criminal record, has good educational qualifications, and of  good health and fitness.

Our framework is simple but very effective that all sectors can use in terms of:

  • Security Planning
  • Security Performance
  • Security Monitoring

The Company also considers other aspects and suggestions from clients to improve the performance of security.


Security Management

Our dedicated team of security personals and management are always ready to provide the best services to all our clients. We strive to ensure that your event is conducted in a safe environment.

Responsive, secure escort service in Port Moresby & Lae. We are capable and equipped to provide secure staff escorts, VIP escorts and all other escort services.

The Rapid Response Unit is fully equipped with gunmen and other equipment such as two-way radio, guns and Response Unit Officers. The Response Unit Officers are highly trained and qualified to combat any situation. 

Work Force Safety

The Company has integrated strict and stringent regulations due to high risk of business activities. Our policies require personnel to comply with the following:

  • Compulsory protection attire at all work sites
  • Education Programs and Training on Safety
  • Insurance
  • In house training for security staffs

Company Assets

Wapco Security Services has a 24hour radio
network installed and maintained by Radtel Ltd. The Company has a total of
twenty  (20) vehicles all fitted with two-way
radio as well as Closed User Group (CUG) mobile phones to locations that have no radio signal for easy and efficient communication.

Logistical Support

Wapco Security Services has a strong workforce of trained guards who provide the following services:

  • Static Guards
  • Guard & Patrol Units
  • Premises Monitoring
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Rapid Response
  • Escort Services
The Company is well organized to step into operation with the following tasks:
  • 24 Hour spot check
  • Emergency
  • Dog Services
  • Eviction

Our service is your protection

Wapco Security Guards guarding locations at Lae

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Wapco Security Guards guarding locations in Port Moresby