Come Meet Our Team Up Close

Wapco Limited is made up of a strong management team that strives to bring the latest technologies available on both the National and International Markets in the services we provide to Papua New Guinea.

Wapco Limited Managing Director

Wasa Amu -
Managing Director

Co Founder and Managing Director of Wapco Limited

Tiakoro Siuke -
General Manager

Oversee the operations of all the Subsidiary companies under Wapco Limited.

Jane Kuppas -
Admin/Accounts Officer (POM)

Oversee the Accounts and Administration of Wapco  Limited

Ellen Binety -
Human Resource Manageress (POM)

Maintain employee records, payroll and performance management processes of Wapco Limited

Wapco LimitedSales and Marketing Officer

Joan Kila -
Senior Sales & Marketing Officer (POM)

Senior Sales & Marketing Officer

Kenneth Tapala -
I.T Officer (POM)

Monitors and maintains the company computer systems,  and solves technical issues as they arise.

Wapco Builders Manager

Kara Gelak -
Manager Building (POM)

Building and Construction Manager over seeing the construction works.

Ovia Rauka is the Fields Operations CIT Commander for Wapco Security Service in Port Moresby

Wapco Lae Ops & Marketing Manager

Manfred Akiss -
Security Operations Manager (LAE)

Mr. Akiss is the Security Operations Manager of Wapco Security at Lae Branch. He is in charge of the Security operations and marketing of the Wapco Security Service in Lae.

Wapco Lae Accounts Admin Officer

Roselyn Hogambe -
Accounts & Administration (LAE)

Roselyn is the Accounts and Administration Officer at Lae Wapco Security Branch

Assistant Security Operations Marketing Manager - Lae

Mathew Kandis -
Asst. Security Ops & Marketing Manager (Lae)

Mr. Kandis is the Assistant Security Operations & Marketing Manger working closely with the operations manager Lae.